Holy Brewery: All Beer Lent Is Back

Man drinks beer and car keys are on the table. Concept of driving a car after alcohol consumption.

Photo: Getty Images

For the fourth straight year, Del Hall has decided to give up all food for Lent and dedicate himself to an all-beer diet. This time around, he’s been able to drop 25 pounds just a month into his 46-day fasting ritual. A fan of craft brewing,

Hall says he rarely gets bored just drinking beer because he’s able to change things up with a milk stout, a pastry stout, something fruity, or whatever else he’s craving. Plus, it’s about the flavor…he’s never in it just to get hammered. To keep his health up, under the advice of his doctor, he also chases the beer with lots of water and a daily vitamin ritual. Hall’s also been able to turn his fasting into a charity money maker. So far, he’s raised $5K for the Ken Anderson Alliance, which helps people with physical disabilities, and he hopes to boost that to $30K by the time he’s done.

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