New Survey Ranks Laundry As Worst Chore

Frustrated young woman with basket full of clothes

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While a lot of people hate doing chores around the house, there’s one that often stands out as the worst, especially amongst younger generations, and we don’t exactly disagree. 

A new survey finds:

  • 68% of young adults say laundry is their most dreaded chore.
  • The top reasons it’s hated include:
    • It’s time consuming (52%)
    • They dislike parts of the process, like loading the machine, folding, etc. (50%)
    • 40% also think it’s too easy to mess up.
    • 43% hate it because it has to be done so often, an average of three times a week.

Some have such negative opinions about laundry they find reasons not to do it.

  • 66% of young adults avoid washing their favorite clothes because they worry the washing machine will ruin them. (could be because many question their own laundry skills)
  • 69% say they are sure they know how to do laundry correctly.
  • This is despite differing opinions on what constitutes the right way to do it.
  • As for how they learned to do laundry:
    • 42% say they learned from their parents and older siblings.
    • 23% learned by experimenting on their stuff.
    • 20% got tips from social media and online tutorials. 

Let's all be glad we didn't have to do laundry 60 years ago!

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