Working Payphone In Man’s Yard Helps Lost Kid

A Call for Justice

Photo: Getty Images

Brian Davis of Andover, Minnesota, thought it would be fun to have a public telephone in his front yard. He put the phone up at the end of last summer and it’s become a bit of an attraction, with people stopping and taking pictures with the relic of the past.

But recently, the phone ended up being a lifeline for a lost boy. One morning, Davis spotted a kid out on the phone. Soon there were three police cars out in front of Davis’s house with the child. "I came out and I said, 'Did he call you?' Davis recalls. An officer told him the boy called 911 on the phone because he was lost and didn’t know how to get home.

Police were able to reunite the boy with his grandfather and now Davis has a great story to go with his quirky, nostalgic lawn ornament. The police put out a statement saying they were glad the situation had a happy and safe resolution. "While the homeowner’s payphone is certainly unique and unfamiliar to some younger individuals,” the statement reads. “It did its most important job and allowed this child the ability to call for help when he needed it."

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