Bride Steps In the Deep End On FB Wedding Shaming Page

Most brides would do anything to avoid ending up in a “wedding shaming” Facebook group, but one bride-to-be put herself there on purpose. TikToker @rnicolez made the bold move after buying her dream wedding dress and she posted it in the group just to see how others would judge it. She says she just wanted opinions from outsiders who weren’t going to sugar coat it.

The whole point of the forum is to mock wedding-related things, so she knew what she was getting into. The group doesn’t allow compliments, but she wanted opinions and as expected, she got a lot of them. The wedding gown, which is a long, lacy, body-hugging number was ripped to shreds:

  • People slam the dress as being too nude, too lacy, and too sexy.
  • “So you want to give your grandma, your mom, God and your fiance an image of what you look like nude,” asks one group member.

And while some questioned why the bride-to-be would subject herself to this kind of negativity with a wedding dress she loves and more importantly, already bought, she says the comments did not give her dress regret. “I still love my dress. I still know that that’s the dress,” she shares in a video. “I’m not going to regret buying it because of some strangers on Facebook. I don’t need validation from anyone else because I know I love it.”

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