Simple Things Can Improve Your Kitchen Prowess

Students In Cookery Class Mixing Ingredients For Recipe In Kitchen

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Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or a seasoned home chef, there’s always more to learn. A Reddit thread is here to help us all improve our cooking skills by asking, “What is one small thing you started doing that has had a huge positive impact on your cooking?”

The little things that have helped people’s cooking game include:

  • “Adding finishing salt to desserts like cookies and brownies. It may seem counterintuitive, but a little salt makes sweet baked goods even more delicious.”
  • “Switching from breasts to thighs whenever I make chicken. Not only are the thighs more affordable, but they're also so much more flavorful.’
  • “Finishing a sunny-side-up egg by steaming it to get a perfectly soft yolk. Just pop a lid over the pan for a few seconds, and voilà.”
  • “Shredding cheese myself from big blocks instead of buying the pre-grated version. The difference in flavor is undeniable.”
  • “I've changed the way that I cook with spices. Firstly, I buy whole spices and grind them myself instead of buying pre-ground. Then I toast them before grinding and/or fry them in oil to let the flavors bloom.”
  • “Cleaning as I cook. It makes the process so much more enjoyable when the chore of cleaning isn’t left until the end.”
  • “I started sharpening my knives more often. It makes prepping — dicing, mincing, chopping — so much quicker and easier.”
  • “Not automatically turning the burner to high heat. It took me too long to realize that less heat is more when it comes to evenly cooked, tasty food.”
  • “Using at least a touch of some kind of acidic ingredient in almost everything I cook, whether it's lemon or lime juice or a splash of vinegar.”
  • “Learning to keep it simple in the kitchen. Using a ton of different ingredients doesn't mean that your food will taste better. These days, I prioritize dishes I can make in 30 to 40 minutes with six to eight ingredients.”

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