Seems Like Hollywood Is Getting Naked-er

Hollywood celebs getting naked is nothing new but lately it seems like more famous people are taking their clothes off than ever!

Lets start with Jesse Williams, who was trending on Twitter yesterday – and it wasn’t for the Tony Award nomination he got earlier this week. He’s currently making his Broadway debut in “Take Me Out,” which tells the story of a gay professional baseball player dealing with coming out to his teammates and in the press.

Even though theatergoers are required to surrender their phones and smart devices at the door, someone managed to get full frontal footage of the “Grey’s Anatomy” star. It was captured during a shower scene of the play, which opened last month.

But that's just the beginning! How about Hilary Duff naked on the cover of Women's Health? She's showing off the goods for their "Body Issue."

And finally, the queen of naked, Britney Spears. She just can't seem to keep her clothes on on Instagram, but in this latest post she seem EXTRA naked, if that's even possible.

Whatever is causing this we don't know. But it may be time to consider pants.

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