Rhode Island Server, A Single Mom, Gets $810 Tip

$100 dollar tip for waiter

Photo: Getty Images

A server at a Rhode Island pub is blessed with an $810 tip. Jennifer Venancio is a single mother of a three-year-old who works as a server at The Big Cheese and Pub in Cranston, Rhode Island. One day last week, her day started off badly when she had trouble finding a sitter for her son and arrived late to work, but things got much better from there.

“My first table was a super nice gentleman with his wife,” Venancio says. The couple ordered two salads and two sandwiches, which came to about $50. They ate and then paid the bill and left. As the couple left, the man looked over his shoulder and told Venancio, “Goodbye, have a nice day.” When she picked up the check from the table, she was shocked to learn the kind diners had left her an $810 tip.

Venancio says she plans to use the money to pay some bills and get a toy police car for her son. She didn’t get the couple’s name, but if she could say anything to them it would be “Thank you, the money is very much appreciated.”

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