Lack of Impulse Control: American Spend Over $300 a Month on Impulse Buys

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Most people are guilty of going into a store for one thing and, on impulse, picking up a lot of other things because they simply can’t help themselves. Well, turns out, that seems to be happening a lot this year.

A new SlickDeals survey finds:

  • 64% of U.S. adults say they’ve increased their impulse spending this year.
  • In fact, 73% of people say most of their purchases lately have been impulse buys, an increase from 59% last year.
  • And all this impulse shopping is costing a pretty penny.
  • The average person spends $314 a month on impulse purchases.
  • That’s up form $276 last year, and $183 in 2020.
  • The most the average person is willing to spend on an impulse buy is $310, up from $277 last year, and $157 in 2020.
  • So, what are the items folks are most likely to impulse purchase? They include:
    • Clothing (35%)
    • Food and groceries (30%)
    • Household items (29%)
    • Shoes (28%)
    • Consumer technology (27%)
    • Books (27%)
    • Takeout (26%)
    • Toys (25%)
    • Coffee (25%)
    • Spa services (24%)

As for why people do it, 77% of shoppers say impulse purchases have a positive effect on their mood.

  • 41% say it brings them happiness
  • 40% say it brings them excitement.
  • 34% simply do it out of boredom.
  • 67% make an impulse purchase so they won’t deal with the fear of missing out.

Source: SlickDeals

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