Teen Prevents Toddler From Drowning in Daring Rescue

Rapid river in mountains

Photo: Getty Images

A teenager in Utah jumped in to rescue a four-year-old boy who slipped and fell into a river. Earlier this week, Utah mom Tori Williams was hiking the Spanish Fork River Trail near Provo with her family. They had just started off on their hike when her four-year-old son Zac lost his footing and slid down a steep embankment into the river.

Tori told her other children to go and get their father and she started carefully heading down the embankment. “Everything was just slow motion in my mind,” Tori recalls. “I start yelling at my kids, 'Go get your dad.' And then I start making my way down. I was wearing flip-flops.” But before she could get to Zac, an unnamed teenager jumped into the water and scooped the toddler up.

The teen carried Zac up the embankment and back to his grateful mother, who couldn’t thank the teen enough. Fortunately, Zac only had a few scrapes from the ordeal, but Tori knows how much worse it could have been. "I don't have the words to say how grateful I am. I went to sleep having nightmares last night, thinking of what could have happened to him,” she says. “But I'm so grateful.”

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