Best Foods For Grilling

Midsection Of Man Preparing Burgers On Barbecue Grill

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and there’s a good bet a lot of folks will be attending at least one barbecue, with at least one or more people manning the grill. But while a lot of foods taste good on the grill, there are some that taste better than others.

According to a new survey:

60% of Millennial Americans rate their grilling abilities as either “good” or “excellent.”

69% of Millennials learned their grilling skills by watching their parents.

The average person takes over grilling duties from their parents when they turn 16.

78% of Millennials now believe they have better grilling skills than their parents.

But when it comes to what they are grilling, folks have definite opinions as to what foods are best cooked on a grill.
The top grilling foods include:

Burgers (45%)
Chicken (43%)
Hot dogs (43%)
Steak (40%)
Ribs (32%)
Fish (29%)
Veggies (28%)
Shellfish (24%)
Fruit (24%)
Meat substitutes (e.g. tofu, tempeh, etc.) (22%)

ONE MORE THING! For some it appears the grill is good for more than just lunch and dinner. The poll finds that 53% of Millennials admit they’ve grilled their breakfast, while only 24% of Boomers say the same

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