Woman Finds $36K In Craigslist Couch & Returns It

Antique yellow sofa on white background

Photo: Getty Images

A woman in Southern California returns $36-thousand in cash she found inside a couch she got for free on Craigslist. Vicky Umodu was looking through ads on Craigslist hoping to find some furniture for her new home in Colton, California. She scrolled down and saw some free items and the first one she clicked on was from a family that wanted to give away a sofa that belonged to a deceased relative.

Vicky contacted the family and picked up two sofas and a chair, which she said worked perfectly in her new home. But once she started to examine the sofas, she made a startling discovery: inside one of the cushions were several envelopes containing $36-thousand in cash!

Without hesitation, Vicky contacted the family to return the money. She says life has been good to her, she has a beautiful family, so she doesn’t need anything else. The family was surprised and grateful for Vicky’s honesty. As a way of saying thank you, they bought a new refrigerator for her home and gave her $22-hundred.

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