Mass Keno Worker Gets $2K tip

Keno lottery 3d balls

Photo: Getty Images

Last Friday night, a man went to the lottery counter at Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts, to buy a keno ticket. The man asked the woman working the counter, Shirley Rose, to help him pick out his numbers.

The man picked his favorite numbers for the first two numbers, then he asked Shirley to pick a couple and she thought of two birth dates that were important to her. There was one more number to pick, so that man asked Shirley how old she was. She reluctantly told him she was 79 and he picked that for the last number, bought two tickets, and gave one to her.

She ran the tickets through the system and they were winners: the $10 tickets won her and the man $2-thousand each. Shirley says she felt like the man was happier for her than he was for himself. She didn’t know it at the time, but later found out the man had just become a grandfather hours before coming into the restaurant. She hopes the story inspires others to be kind to one another. "We need more of these stories told,'' she says. “Because with all the bad news on TV you sometimes don't know all the good things happening out there."

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