Pollen Is Everywhere So Use These Hacks To Save Yourself

Alpine Meadow With Yellow Dandelions Flowers and flowery grass that causes allergy to some. snowcapped Moleson mountain (2002m) visible.

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Sunshine and blooming flowers of spring bring a happy feeling to so many. But the pollen that comes with them? Not so much. Allergy season is hitting hard this year and if you’re one who’s sensitive to pollen, grass, and other allergens, you know it can be the worst. Aside from taking allergy medication, below are a few ways to prepare and hopefully prevent seasonal allergies from making life miserable.

  • Check the weather - Do an Internet search to see what the weather and pollen count is, so you can avoid being outside at peak pollen time and on dry, windy days. Head outdoors after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air.
  • Close your windows - Letting in the fresh air also means letting in allergens, like pollen, that can get stuck to curtains, carpet, and bedding.
  • Make a shoes-off policy - Pollen, bacteria, and other gross stuff gets stuck to your shoes out in the world, so kick them off by your front door so you don’t track it all through your house.
  • Filter the air - Use a HEPA air filter that traps allergens and dust that may trigger your symptoms.
  • Bring your workout inside - And if you do exercise outside during allergy season, avoid places with lots of trees or grassy areas.
  • Eat local - Local honey is thought to be a natural immune-booster and may help soothe some allergy symptoms, like coughing.
  • Do laundry more often - Pollen can get stuck to your clothes, just like your shoes, so during allergy season, wash clothes more frequently, especially if you’ve been spending time outside.
  • Grab your sunnies - Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays, they can also block pollen and irritants. And go big since larger sunglasses decrease the amount of air circulating over your eyes, which may help with symptoms.
  • Treat yourself to nice tissues - If you’re sneezing and sniffling nonstop, stock up on the good tissues with aloe or lotion to keep your nose happy.

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