Utah Teen Saves Family's Restaurant With TikTok

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Photo: Getty Images

A family’s struggling Salt Lake City restaurant is saved after their son posts a video about his dad on TikTok. Nico Cardenas has been serving up enchiladas, tacos and other Mexican fare for almost a decade at Nico's Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake City. But like a lot of small businesses, the pandemic wreaked havoc on them and it’s been tough to survive since.

It was difficult for Carlos Cardenas to watch his dad working so hard in the restaurant just to scrape by. So when Nico mentioned that he might have to shutter his restaurant, Carlos asked if he could try something to help out. He made a video showing his dad excited for the day and then showed the empty restaurant and posted it to TikTok. He asked people to come and check out his dad’s restaurant.

Well, TikTokers really responded to the post. The video has been viewed over 6-million times, has received thousands of comments, and has earned over a million likes. And now, Nico’s has been packed since the day after the video was posted. "One day we had maybe 10 customers come in,” Carlos recalls. “And then the next day, we have hundreds." Nico was hesitant about social media before, but now he has his son managing the restaurant’s Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages, and they’re planning on posting more creative videos.

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