Pet Pet Peeves

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It’s no secret that pet owners love their animals, but that doesn’t mean their furbabies don’t get on their nerves now and again. Plenty of dogs and cats do things to frustrate their owners, and now a new survey reveals the things that drive pet owners crazy the most.

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 25% of pet owners admit their furbabies can be frustrating at least some of the time.
  • Regardless though, 82% chalk their misbehavior up to their character, while 70% find it “endearing.”
  • So, what are some of the biggest pet peeves of dog owners?
  • The most common ones include (click here for the complete list):
    • Being sick on the carpet
    • Waiting by the door to be let out – then deciding against it when you open the door
    • Leaving fur/hair everywhere
    • Waking you up in the middle of the night
    • Begging for food when you cook
    • Making strange sounds in their sleep
    • Refusing to go out in the rain
    • Walking across your laptop when you're trying to work
    • Knocking something off a shelf
    • Bringing a live animal back into the house
    • Stealing food
    • Howling or meowing in the middle of the night
  • But regardless of all this misbehavior, 74% of pet owners insist they have a good relationship with their pet.
  • Plus, 80% wouldn’t change their pet in any way, regardless of how frustrating their behavior can be.

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