Beloved School Bus Driver Gets Emotional Send Off

handsome senior school bus driver looking at camera through window

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Wolk has been a dad and grandfather and has even been in the military, but one other job is right up there. “Mr. Ed” has driven a school bus for nine years in Washington Township, New Jersey. Unfortunately, he had to retire during the school year due to a leg injury and was given a special send off recently.

What made the kids love him was him talking sports and even “Spongebob” theme sing-a-longs. The kids are quick to say they love him and that he is a friend. That’s why their parents put together the surprise celebration.

Mr. Ed was touched and will miss the daily ride with the students. The 73-year-old’s message to the kids as he thanked them was "Be kind to each other. Love each other and help each other," adding “When you get older, do something for your community because that's what it's all about."

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