Good Samaritans Give Car To Stranger He Saw on the News

Honda Accord

Photo: Getty Images

After local Oregon news featured a story about a man who walked 33 miles to work, a total stranger gave him a car. A story about Eric Akers walking 33 miles to work in Bend, Oregon, after his car broke down made the local news and was seen by lots of people who reached out to the station wanting to help the young man.

Chris Arsenault and his wife were amongst the people inspired to help Eric. They had an old Honda they didn’t need any longer and they wanted to give it to him. Chris contacted Eric and the two men got together. “He just handed me the paperwork for the car and told me it’s mine,” Eric recalls.

Chris says he was impressed by Eric’s dedication. When asked if he’d have walked 33 miles to get to work he says, “There’s no way I would have done it. That’s what inspired me to do this, and my wife, to.” He hopes more people will be inspired to help their neighbors. And Eric is grateful for all the offers to help him. “The kindness and generosity of the community has been overwhelming,” he says.

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