Suzanne Wants the MegaMillions $440 Million Jackpot; Zito Doesn't

Mega Millions lottery

Photo: Getty Images

As of this writing the Mega Millions jackpot is up over $440 million! By comparison, the Powerball jackpot is a paltry $60 million.

The debate on the air (some of which can be heard in the podcast below) was whether you'd want the Mega Millions or the Poweball. Suzanne says she'll take it all! Zito's afraid if the jackpot is too big he'll end up like the people in this video that ruined their lives. He says once the jackpot hits $100 mil, he's out!

What about you? What would you consider the perfect amount to win? If you are ever lucky enough to get the big prize, TV's Sharks have advice on how to do it right!

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