Kentucky Lotto Winner Immediately Gives Away Money

Money on top of lottery ticket

Photo: Getty Images

Kentucky lottery winner gives out gift cards to strangers to pay it forward. Crystal Dunn bet $20 on an instant game in the Kentucky lotto and hit it big, winning the game’s $146-thousand jackpot. She headed to Kentucky Lottery headquarters and picked up a check for $103-thousand after taxes, deposited the money in her bank, and then did something unexpected: she went to the grocery store.

We can't help but wondering if she used this super trippy "lottery affirmations" video.

Dunn went to a Louisville Meijer grocery store, bought $2-thousand worth of supermarket gift cards, and started handing them out to strangers in the store. "A few were taken back, thinking I was wanting something in return," she recalls. But she didn’t. She just wanted to pay her good fortune forward. She plans to use the rest of her winnings to buy a new car and pay some bills.

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