Pennsylvania Server Gets 3k Tip

Nice surprise for waitress. $100 dollar tip.

Photo: Getty Images

Mariana Lambert was waiting tables at Alfredo’s Pizza Café in Scranton when an out-of-town customer came in to dine by himself. The diner, Eric Smith, ordered a stromboli and when it came time to pay his $13 bill, he tacked on a $3-thousand tip.

Matt Martini, Alfredo’s manager, spoke to Smith about his generous gratuity. The kind stranger explained that the tip was part of the “Tips for Jesus” social media trend, which has diners leaving hefty tips across the country and posting pics of the receipts on popular social media platforms.

Lambert says the extra cash meant a lot to her. "It really touched my heart,” she says. “I still can't believe it. I'm still in shock.” She plans to use the windfall to pay some bills and possibly take a trip with her family.

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