Ben and Jen Share Emotional Moment on Honeymoon

Lexus at The 78th Venice Film Festival - Day 10

Photo: Getty Images

Ben Affleck got emotional celebrating Jennifer Lopez's birthday in Paris. The New York Post published candid photos of J-Lo hugging Ben as tears rolled down his cheeks.

And who could blame him, honestly.

Two decades ago, only days before J-Lo and Ben were set to walk down the aisle, his booze problem and uncontrolled hormones sabotaged the engagement. Jennifer called off the wedding once she learned he cheated with Canadian strippers.

Four years ago, Ben hit rock bottom with Playboy bunny Shauna Sexton. He ordered cases of booze to be delivered on a regular basis. Jennifer Garner chased away the paparazzi. She pleaded with them to show common decency and allow Ben privacy during his mental health crisis. Garner drove him to rehab. She refused to sign divorce papers until he cleaned up his act. This was Ben's third trip to dry out since J-Lo dumped him.

Fast forward to 2022 and Ben cannot help but be emotional. He's the luckiest man. Married to one Jennifer who demanded he get sober and now married to another Jennifer who kisses his tears.

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