Mail Carrier Saves Little Girl After Mom Passes Out

a mailman stuffing junk mail into a mailbox

Photo: Getty Images

A Colorado postal worker is being hailed a hero after he rescues a six-year-old girl from a car after her mother passed out from taking drugs. USPS mail carrier Andrew Russell was on his route when he heard a scream. He noticed a car was on the side of the road with the engine revving and inside the car was a little girl who was screaming hysterically.

Russell pulled the scared little girl from the car and immediately called 911. "She was saying, ‘My mommy's dead,'" he recalls. "Her mommy wasn't moving. So, of course, the child was obviously very freaked out." According to the police, the girl’s mother took a Fentanyl pill and then passed out as she attempted to drive.

Hearing the child’s cries triggered something in Russell, who has a little girl of his own. “She said thank you a couple times and yeah, it meant the world to me that she was just OK,” he says. A spokesperson for the Wheat Ridge Police Department says if it wasn’t for Russell they don’t know what might have happened. "The girl is safe, and her mom didn't overdose to the point she couldn't be revived,” the spokesperson says. “We are incredibly grateful for his actions."

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