Couple Together For Two Years Has Never Even Kissed

Living the fairytale fantasy

Photo: Getty Images

Lots of couples decide to wait until they’re married to have sex, but have you heard of any holding off on kissing until after the wedding? Kaytlin O’Neall and her boyfriend of two years, Drew, are saving the smooching until they say “I do” and people don’t seem to understand it at all.

In a TikTok video that’s gone viral with more than 2.4-million views, Kaytlin, a recent high school grad, addresses some of the most common questions she gets about wanting to wait until marriage to kiss her man. People seem shocked when they find out, telling the teen she must have “a lot of self-control” and that kissing isn’t “the end of the world.” Some people even ask the couple if they’re gay or just “friends without benefits,” and they’ve been called “platonic life partners” too.

But Kaytlin doesn’t let the haters shake her. She explains that before she started dating Drew she decided she wants to save kissing for her future husband because she views it as an “intimate act.” In a follow-up clip, she says that not kissing is a mutual, personal “conviction” that the couple shares, but she doesn’t think couples who kiss are “sinners” who should “go to hell.” Drew explains in another video that they’re best friends who fell in love and that “everything we do is to protect and look forward to more in the future.” He says, ”I want to marry this girl with every fiber in my being, believe me.”

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