Think You Have a System to Win the Mega Millions, Think Again

Mega Millions lottery

Photo: Getty Images

Larry Lesser is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences at UTEP. He says anybody who tries to sell you a system to win the lottery is lying. He says, "The cold hard truth is that there's nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning a share of the jackpot." He also says beware of ANYONE who claims they have a system: they're lying. "The ping pong balls have no memory of what's happened in the past. Every number is equaling likely in the future."

Mega Millions ticket sales are surging, now that the jackpot is over one-billion dollars. This is the fourth time a lottery game has gotten so large – and many people are considering risking $2 or joining an office pool in hopes of an immense payoff.

If you’re the lucky one – you can take the annuity, or a lump sum payout of $648.2-million. Here’s the thing – whether it’s a massive payout or a much smaller jackpot –

your chances of winning are the same: one in 302.5-million

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