Angry Neighbor Blasts "Who Let the Dogs Out" As Revenge

What do you do when you’re beyond frustrated by your neighbor’s annoying barking dog? Blast something equally, if not more annoying for them to listen to. At least that’s what one woman is doing to passive-aggressively deal with the ongoing issue of her neighbor’s yapping pup.

Sure, you could take the high road, but that’s not what TikToker Saphire Jess is doing. She’s going viral for her video showing her revenge tactic in effect. “PETTY LEVEL: When your neighbor’s dog barks from 5pm to 3am every. d*mn. day,” she writes in the clip that shows her face in a dark room while the obnoxious dog barks in the background.

Jess explains that the barking keeps everyone nearby, including her, her kids and the neighbor’s babies awake “ALL NIGHT.” She says she talked to the dog’s owner and they said it’s old, so they won’t try to stop it and “nothing was done for six months.” So she decided to take things into her own hands and with a speaker on the fence pointed at the neighbor’s house, she blasts “Who Let The Dogs Out” for six hours straight “as they sleep in for their night shift.” And lots of commenters are here for Jess’ pettiness:

“As a dog owner, I fully support you doing this,” writes one TikTok user. “Anyone who allows their dog to bark continuously is a PROBLEM.”

Another comments, “If u dont’ get to sleep neither do they.”

“Record their dog and play it back on loop during the day,” suggests a third.

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