Applebee's Now Has a Line of Lip Gloss

Marion - Circa April 2017: Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar Casual Restaurant. Applebee's is a subsidiary of DineEquity, Inc. V

Photo: Getty Images

We’ve heard of some surprising collaborations before, but this is one no one saw coming. Applebee’s is getting into the lip gloss game with a new line of glosses that taste like chicken wings. The restaurant chain has teamed up with makeup company Winky Lux to create Saucy Gloss.

The collaboration features four shades that are supposed to taste like Applebee’s wing sauces. The colors and flavors available are:

“Get Me Hot Buffalo” - a creamy coral shade.

“Sweet Chile Kiss” - which is a gold-flecked deep red.

“Be My Honey Pepper” - a golden gloss.

And “Honey BBQ-T” - that’s a smoky burgundy color.

Winky Lux founder Natalie Mackey says she got a LinkedIn message from an Applebee’s rep a year ago asking if her company could make lip glosses that taste like BBQ sauce. They started experimenting with food-grade ingredients, like garlic oil, chamomile oil and honey to use in the gloss. She says, “The entire lab smelled like BBQ sauce.” Each gloss is made to resemble a real-life sauce served on Applebee’s chicken wings and retails for $18, but if you can’t decide on a flavor, Winky Lux sells a four-piece combo kit for $65.

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