Family Replaces Stolen Tips at Maine Restaurant

glass tip jar at checkout counter

Photo: Getty Images

When someone stole from the tip jar at a Maine restaurant, a kind family stepped in to replace the money. Brian Beggarly, owner of Boynton-Mckay Food Co, an old-school diner in Camden, Maine, was forced to lay off employees during the pandemic. And although things are starting to get back to normal, the café is short-staffed and the four remaining employees are currently doing the work of eight.

So, on one of the busiest days of the summer, it was devastating for them to find out that someone had helped themselves to a bunch of money from the tip jar by the register. “Some of our team was shaking in anger, some on the verge of tears, others had the hundred yard stare of dismay,” says Beggarly. Fortunately for the workers who would have taken the hit, a young family was there when the theft was discovered and kindly offered to replace the money.

Beggarly says he doesn’t want the person who took the money to return it, but he hopes they’ll take a good hard look at their life. He later took to social media to express his gratitude to the kind strangers and had this final message to the thief: “Whoever needs the money badly enough to steal from a group of people doing the job of 16 hands with 8, karma might not knock on your door today or tomorrow, but she will.”

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