This Tik Tokker May Be a Time Traveler

Angry man is yelling at his wife.

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A relationship expert is raising eyebrows on TikTok with her “confronting” advice for women to follow for a successful relationship. Alisa Abdullaeva, a self-described “spiritual speaker” from Atlanta, says women need to “submit and surrender” to their male partners if they want to be happy.

In one of her clips that has more than 950-thousand views so far, Alisa explains that most women want to marry a man “who is a provider and protector,” and that the key to finding that kind of man is to “learn how to respect authority.” She also adds that if women feel like they’re equal to men, men “will never feel the desire to protect you and provide for you.”

According to this so-called expert, there should be a hierarchy in society where men rank above women. She says to her, “First comes God, then gurus, then men, then women and then kids and cats and dogs.” As you might expect, the video didn’t sit well with all viewers and several women hit back to say they would never accept that they’re inferior to a man in a relationship.

“I disagree,” one woman commented. “Many men desire a strong, confident, independent woman. Many men are attracted to that.”

But Alisa wouldn’t back down, telling the critic, “Only insecure men are looking for confident, independent women.”

Another viewer simply writes, “I’d rather stay single, thanks.”

Of course, there were comments of support as well, like the guy who shared, “Intelligent woman stating facts.”

And another man declared, “True! I am willing to provide everything for my future wife’s needs but she needs to understand the hierarchy you explained.”

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