This Mom Says Her Tips Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Your Groceries

Pepper bag full of groceries

Photo: Getty Images

Inflation has made grocery shopping a hit to the wallet.

Luckily, there are tips to help you save up to thousands of dollars a year on that grocery bill. Meghan Birch is a stay-at-home mom with a husband, five kids and two pets. She shared with "Good Morning America" how she has saved thousands of dollars a year by only grocery shopping once a month and only going back when they need fresh food.

Here’s how Megan makes it work in only three steps...

  • Big meal planning. She creates a meal and savings plan every month
  • Don’t buy stuff you’ll end up throwing out. Be realistic.
  • Shop when the store is fully stocked. Just ask to find out when that is. This keeps you from going back.

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