Wisconsin Bus Driver Reunites Lost Toddler With Mom

Family Riding the Bus

Photo: Getty Images

A bus driver in Green Bay, Wisconsin, finds a toddler in the street and helps him reunite with his mom. An unnamed bus driver with Green Bay Metro Transit was finishing up her route when she saw an unaccompanied toddler run across the street in East Green Bay.

Surveillance video shows the driver chatting with the little tyke.

There's no shortage of heroic bus drivers! The one in the video below is particularly memorable.

The driver stopped the bus, got out, and brought the young child onto the bus. “We’re gonna find your mom and dad. Okay?,” the bus driver can be heard saying on surveillance footage from inside the bus. She reassured the boy that they’d find his parents and stayed with him until a Brown County Sheriff deputy arrived. The sheriff’s office reported that the boy was later reunited with his mother.

Green Bay Metro Transit operations supervisor Jake Lueptown says the company is proud of the driver’s actions and that it’s typical of what they do. “Just goes to show the great job that the drivers do in utilizing that training, being observant, aware of their surroundings and always willing to help out any way that we can,” he says.

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