Life Coach Goes Viral With Bizarre Advice

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A life coach is going viral with a TikTok video that reveals her secrets that she says will help you stand out in the crowd. Francesca, who’s based in the U.S. but is originally from Romania and studied psychology in the U.K., shares her top five “psychology tricks to be the most attractive person in the room.”

  • Keep your hair wet - According to Francesca, rocking wet hair can make someone irresistible. In the clip, she explains, “For some reason, we tend to rate people with wet hair as more attractive.” And she may be onto something here, as “Vogue” recently did a beauty tutorial on how to keep your tresses looking sensually sopping.
  • Speak slowly - The life coach tells viewers to “Take your time while you talk” with plenty of “breaks” because it makes people appear “relaxed and confident.” You may think this would be boring to the listener, but according to a 2021 study, women who speak slowly with well-formed vowels are perceived as more appealing.
  • Genuinely smile - “Smile authentically and possess warm body language,” Francesca explains. “Just enjoying yourself and having a good time makes people come to you like a magnet.” And science backs her up once again. A 2014 study finds that smiles play a big part in attractiveness and that a “happy, intense smile” can help make up for “relative unattractiveness.”
  • Talk with your hands - Using lots of hand gestures can make someone seem “more engaging,” according to this life coach. Research agrees as it has shown that people who communicate with their hands tend to be seen as more open and charismatic.
  • Embrace your sensual energy - But what does that mean exactly? Francesca defines this as “feeling good in your own skin and letting your sexual energy flow in your body.”

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