BREAKING: K-Fed Releases Videos of Britney Spears Arguing With Sons

Kevin Federline Makes Ed Hardy Instore Appearance

Photo: Getty Images

Things between Britney Spears and her ex, Kevin Federline, seem to be going from bad to worse. Now K-Fed has released video that was secretly recorded by their sons a few years ago. It would seem that the baby daddy is hoping to make Britney look bad but really she just seems like a mom trying to deal with a pair of mouthy teens. Check out how she pulls this one in line when he smarts off.

In the next video, a frustrated Britney is clearly freaked out by her tween son's behavior and has brought the hammer down in a way all parents do taking his phone! And he's not happy about. Oh well!

And in our third installment watch how Britney changes gears from angry mom to teaching mom. Call us crazy, but none of this video shows anything but a single mom doing her best to cope with growing boys.

K-Fed claims that "as a family we've decided to release these videos."

Not only should he NOT support his boys secretly recording their mom, he's poisoning them against her. For years we spoke of how Kevin kept things quiet and was just a good dad. Now something has clearly changed. And not for the better.

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