Massachusetts Twin Sisters Save Fellow Passenger On Flight To Florida

Health problem on an airplane

Photo: Getty Images

Twin sisters from Massachusetts are being hailed heroes after saving a woman’s life during a flight from Boston to Florida. Firefighter and paramedic Lindsay Byrne and her twin sister Nicole Kelly, who is a nurse, were headed to Florida to visit their parents when an announcement was made on their plane looking for a medical professional to help a passenger who was found unresponsive.

The twins, along with another firefighter on the flight, volunteered to help. First, they assessed the woman’s condition and found that she had a very faint pulse, was having difficulty breathing, and her skin was a bluish-gray color. The sisters both realized the woman was likely having a diabetic emergency, so they sat her up, making sure her airway was clear, and fed her sugar packets to help revive her. They continued to monitor the woman’s condition until the flight landed in Fort Myers and the woman was taken to a hospital.

Lindsay’s boss back in Massachusetts, Fire Chief Neil McPherson, says this is exactly what they train for. "Seeing this training and professionalism kick into action beyond our small community and in an environment with limited resources is a proud moment for the department," he said in a statement.

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