Miracle Micro Preemie On Her Way Home After 500 Days In The Hospital

African American premature baby being examined

Photo: Getty Images

Born 17 weeks early weighing only one pound, baby Autumn has finally been released from the hospital after spending the first 500 days of her life there. In March of 2021, Tyler Robinson — then 23 weeks pregnant — suffered a uterine rupture and doctors told her that her baby’s chance of survival was slim. “If she comes out lifeless, then pass me my baby and I’ll hold her,” Robinson recalls telling doctors. “If she comes out fighting, then we’re going to fight. She came out feisty and they nicknamed her ‘Feisty.’ From then on, she’s just a fighter.”

Baby Autumn was born with underdeveloped lungs and doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. To get the care that she needed, she was transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Robinson says the doctors and staff there have become like family to her and her baby. And even though she’s excited to be able to take her baby home, she says she’s going to miss everyone there.

On Autumn’s departure day, staff at Lurie went over the equipment and supplies they were sending home with the baby. At home, Autumn will still need a ventilator and will be getting her meals through a feeding tube. And even though she’s a little scared and nervous about finally taking her baby home, Robinson says, “I’m also ready. I’ve been preparing for this since she was born.”

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