Blind Woman Regains Sight, Sees Husband For First Time

Blind woman reading label on food packet through magnifying glass in kitchen at home

Photo: Getty Images

A woman is reflecting on seeing her now-husband's face for the first time as a result of a surgery that helped her regain her vision.

In May 2017, Sophia Corah, then 18, woke up to find she had lost her vision, South West News Service reported. She was declared legally blind that August and was later diagnosed with keratoconus.

According to Mayo Clinic, keratoconus "occurs when your cornea ... thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape," and may require a cornea transplant in later stages.

Sophia, now 24, went on to attend college at Colorado's Adams State University, where she met Christian Corah. They became fast friends, with Christian, now 25, even helping her raise $20,000 for surgery to help repair her vision.

"My vision slowly started coming back, but it was very gradual while I healed," said Sophia.

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