NC Man Needed Change, Won 250K On Scratch Ticket

Man scratching lottery card with coin

Photo: Getty Images

A North Carolina man bought a lottery scratch off to get change so he could do his laundry and ended up winning $250-thousand. Juan Garcia of Durham, North Carolina, recently stopped by a convenience store near Duke University to get quarters on his way to the laundromat.

Garcia picked up a $5 Mega Buck Limited Edition scratch-off game and asked for his change in quarters. Then he scratched-off the card and realized he’d won the game’s top prize of $250-thousand.

The 22-year-old new dad was shocked by his good luck. "I was in disbelief," he says. "I kept seeing zeros." He plans to use his winnings to care for his six-month-old daughter and save to buy a home. "This is definitely a huge step toward our one-day dream home," he says.

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