World's Biggest Big Mac Fan Celebrates Fifty Years With The Iconic Burger

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Photo: Getty Images

On May 17th, 1972, Don Gorske walked into a McDonald’s in his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and ordered and ate three Big Macs for lunch. He liked them so much that he went back two more times that same day and ate six more. That started a lifelong love of the burger, which he says he’s eaten 32k of since that day.

He’s not just estimating; Don has the receipts…literally. He says he’s kept every receipt and every burger box over the years. He sticks a candle in a Big Mac instead of a birthday cake every year and even proposed to his wife in a McDonald’s. He eats around two Big Macs a day and is in surprisingly good health, which he says is due to an active lifestyle and the fact that he doesn’t eat much more than Big Macs.

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