Missing Cat Finds Its Way Home, Activates Ring Doorbell

Door bell bluetooth security camera

Photo: Getty Images

A New York family is reunited with their missing cat after she alerts her owners through their doorbell camera that she’d returned. An eight-year-old short-haired grey cat named Lilly activated the Ring doorbell cam at her family’s Long Island home, letting them know that she’d returned home after having disappeared nearly a week earlier.

The cat’s owner, Stefanie Whitley, says her family had just moved to a new location the month before and Lilly, who is normally an indoor-outdoor cat, wasn’t familiar with the area. So when she accidentally got out and didn’t return, they called for her and searched, but weren’t able to find her and feared the worst had happened.

And it was a complete surprise to the family when the missing cat showed up a week later. Stefanie was in the kitchen and the rest of her family were in the living room when Lilly activated the doorbell cam and her face appeared on all the family’s devices, including the TV the kids were watching. "We all just screamed, 'Oh my God, Lilly!'" recalls Stefanie. The family is proud of Lilly for finding her way home and they believe that she somehow knew to activate the doorbell camera. "If it hadn't been for that notification that night, we wouldn't have known she was there," Stefanie says.

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