Pizza Hut And Taco Bell In Ethnic Food Feud

Homemade Spicy Mexican Taco PIzza

Photo: Getty Images

After months of it being sold out, Taco Bell finally brought back the Mexican Pizza to their permanent menu, but one competing fast food chain is less than impressed.

For those who don’t know, the Mexican Pizza is made up of a flour tortilla shell filled with refried beans and ground beef, then topped with another tortilla, sauce, cheese, and tomatoes. But Pizza Hut had a few things to say about it being called a “pizza.”

Not long after the official re-launch of the Mexican Pizza, Pizza Hut trolled Taco Bell with a since-deleted tweet, introducing the “Italian Taco.” They tweeted, “@TacoBell we see your #MexicanPizza and raise you the #ItalianTaco, #NoOneOutPizzasThe Hut.” It was accompanied by a picture of what was basically a regular slice of pizza folded into a taco shape.

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