Hinge Charmer Takes to TikTok To Get Refund From Chipotle Date

Chipotle's Burrito Loading Zone

Photo: Getty Images

TikToker Big E (Elijah) the Insurance Guy has gone viral after posting a video asking his Hinge date to pay him back for her Chipotle order since they’re not going on a second date. He didn’t ask his followers to take his word for it; he recorded the call with the woman where he asked her to pay him back for the $13 he spent on her, which she agreed to do.

Comments were mixed on the video; some loved the idea while others were less supportive. There were quite a few questioning whether it was real or a setup for laughs, with one asking, “Can someone tell me if the other people are in on this or if it’s real? I genuinely can’t tell lol.”

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