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Romantic comedies have given us the idea that randomly meeting someone, like running into them and having all their books spill out of their hands so you can help pick them up as your eyes meet and you share a look, is the ideal way to meet a love interest. And a man on TikTok kind of thought that happened to him when he had a chance encounter with a woman who became his girlfriend. The trouble is, it wasn’t a random meeting at all.

TikToker Robby claims his ex-girlfriend deceived him and actually orchestrated their meeting and he reveals what happened in a video. His clip is a response to TikToker Cam’s prompt about weird or annoying things people’s exes have done in relationships. The clip starts with Cam sharing that his ex flicked her used contact lenses into his room and then Robby joins in with his experience, which is less aggravating and more like the plot of a psychological thriller.

“My ex worked at Apple, and she hacked my Apple Watch before I had ever met her just so she could track my location and ‘accidentally’ get in line right behind me at Space Mountain,” Robby reveals. “What I thought was like this cool, ‘meet cute’ chance encounter was actually like an episode of ‘You,’” Robby says, referring to the show about an obsessive man who stalks his love interests. And it seems lots of viewers were just as freaked out as Robby:

“I think I would go into the witness protection program,” one user comments.

“This is evil genius stuff,” shares another.

But some commenters seem to think the move was more romantic than stalker-ish, like one who writes, “Tbh that’s endearing. I see nothing wrong. I would love for someone to show that much interest”

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