TikTok Mom Goes Viral Rules On Dating Her Daughters

Israeli mother and daughter laughing

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An Australian mom has taken to TikTok to reveal the rules and requirements she has for her daughter’s potential partners and one of the topics is dividing people online. In her videoKat Clark shares the top five rules she has for anyone who wants to date her daughters, who are 19 and 11, in the future.

“My daughter is on a date now and a lot of people have asked me what are your rules around dating for your children,” Clark explains in the clip. And her number one message for those who go out with her girls in the future? “Good luck.” “My daughters are sassy as h*ll,” the mom says in the video. The other rules potential suitors are being warned about are:

  • Expectations - Clark tells her viewers that she expects her daughter’s boyfriend to buy a birthday present for her as well. “My daughter and I share a birthday and her last boyfriend used to get me a gift too, so not only are my daughter’s expectations high, but so are mine,” the mom admits.
  • Sleepovers - Clark also notes that she has some restrictions to having her daughter’s partner stay over at her house. “No sleepovers unless you’ve been dating seriously for six months,” she explains. “Like, I don’t even want to meet you face-to-face, sorry.”
  • Family - The next rule is about the partner’s parents and family members. “Your parents better be fun, because if this relationship goes anywhere, I want my Christmases to be fun, okay,” Clark warns. “I don’t want to have a Karen telling me what to do.”
  • Money - This last rule is the one that has sparked a debate in the comments section. The mom of two explains, “Lastly, don’t ever invite my daughter out for dinner and expect her to pay for her meal.” While some users were quick to jump to Clark’s defense, noting that the person who “initiates” the date should be the one to pay, regardless of gender, others insist splitting the bill is the way to go these days.

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