Florida Good Samaritan Dubbed "Water Uber" By His Neighbors

A flooded street after a heavy rainstorm in Miami Beach, Florida

Photo: Getty Images

A good Samaritan in Central Florida has been helping his neighbors by towing their cars through streets left flooded in the wake of Hurricane Ian. More than a week after Hurricane Ian had already moved north out of Florida, a lot of communities across the state were still dealing with a lot of flood water. But one neighborhood northeast of Orlando has had some help from a good Samaritan getting their cars through the water.

Since the Friday after the hurricane struck, Brandon Simmons of Geneva has been pulling his trailer through his neighborhood day and night, towing his neighbors’ cars through the flooded streets so they can have some normalcy back in their lives. Simmons has been helping the nearly 200 people in his community get to work, school, and anywhere else they need to go. They’ve made up a bunch of nicknames for their new hero: Water Uber, Lake Harney Woods Jungle Adventure, and his personal favorite, The River Cruise.

Simmons has been spending up to 18 hours a day towing dozens of cars through the roads that would otherwise be impassable. And he’s not just towing cars, his neighbors say their hero has been performing all kinds of helpful services for the community that was cripled by the massive storm. When asked how long he plans on continuing towing cars through the floodwaters, Simmons says until he’s no longer needed.

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