Dad Saves Daughter After Lightning Strike Thanks To "The Offfice"

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Photo: Getty Images

A dad in Arizona saves his daughter’s life when she is struck by lightning. Doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, say a 12-year-old girl who was struck by lightning is lucky to be alive today and credit her father with saving her life. Ella Jorgensen and some of her friends were visiting grandparents in Sun City West when storms rolled into the area. The 12-year-old stepped outside and a few seconds later, she was struck by lightning.

Fortunately for Ella, her father Steven Jorgensen was close by and came to his daughter’s aid. The tween’s heart stopped beating three times and each time, Steven was there to resuscitate her using CPR. The Marine veteran says he tried to remain calm and he thought of an episode of “The Office” when they learned to perform CPR to the beat of “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees.

Despite having some pretty severe burns, doctors expect Ella to make a full recovery and she should be released from the hospital soon. Steven says at first his daughter didn’t believe him that she’d been struck by lightning. But, as soon as they took her breathing tube out, she told her parents, “I’m going to have a cool story to tell forever now!”

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