Firefighter Saves Girlfriend From Car Inferno

Car being fired from accident

Photo: Getty Images

A South Florida firefighter risks his life to save his girlfriend from a fiery car crash. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue firefighter Bryan Aparicio and his girlfriend of four years Su Hninyi were in an Uber on Interstate-95 in Delray Beach when a car cut off a fuel tanker that then collided with their Uber. Instantly, the car they were in was engulfed in flames. Bryan quickly escaped, but then realized his girlfriend was trapped in the vehicle.

The 27-year-old rushed back into the inferno, busted the rear window out of the Uber and pulled Su from the fire. “The moment we got over the barricade, the car exploded behind us,” Su recalls. While she suffered burns to her legs and arms, Bryan was left with significant second and third degree burns on his arms, head, and face. The couple were treated for their burns and later released to recuperate at home.\

Su is grateful for Bryan’s heroic act and says the accident has brought the couple closer. “We love each other even more now we almost lost each other,” she says. “I wouldn’t be here today. I owe him my life.” And even though they have a long road to recovery, she’s thankful that everyone made it through the incident alive. “I just get emotional over all this,” she said. “I couldn’t believe we made it together. I’m so happy that everybody survived.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the couple pay for their recovery and another has been set up for the Uber driver, who suffered burns over 35 percent of his body.

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