Off Duty Cop, Nurse, Help Injured Hiker

A woman has sprained her knee while hiking

Photo: Getty Images

A New York police officer on vacation in Washington State helps rescue a hiker with a broken leg. Clarkstown, New York, police officer Dave Mahabir was on vacation with his fiancée, hiking in the North Cascade Mountains, when they came upon a couple in need of assistance. Cheryl Diekkman, out hiking that day with her husband Scott, had broken her leg on the trail.

The Diekkmans were being helped by a pair of nurses when Mahabir came upon them. Nurses Jensen Hamilton and Evan Blomquist had already put Cheryl’s leg in a splint, but they still had the issue of getting her off the mountain to contend with. So Mahabir offered to help carry Cheryl the three miles back down the mountain. "I sit down and I’m like, 'Just put her on my back.' So she gets on my back," recalls Mahabir.

Mahabir and Blomquist took turns carrying Cheryl down the 3-thousand foot descent. Hamilton says it was their only logical choice. "If we would have waited, it could have been up to five hours or six hours," she says. The Diekkmans were so grateful for the help that they wrote thank you notes to their heroes and sent a letter to the Chief of Police in Clarkstown. "Words just couldn’t say how thankful I am for Evan and Dave,” says Cheryl. “They were my angels."

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