Massachusetts Saves Drowning Man After Celtics Game

Drowning man

Photo: Getty Images

A Massachusetts teen leaving a Celtics game helps rescue a man from drowning near the arena. Over the weekend, 18-year-old Finn Conner was leaving the TD Garden arena with his dad after watching the Boston Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls when he heard a call for help. At first, his dad, Ryan Conner, didn’t know what was happening. "I didn't hear the call out," Ryan recalls. "Finn just sort of looked at me funny and then ran."

The teen ran toward a nearby waterway, where there was already someone in the water trying to save a drowning man. “I see both of them and then I run down the bank, get in the water and try to get out to them,” he recalls. “So I get out there, I grab his arm and I'm trying to support him on his back and I sort of carry and pick him up to shore as best as I can.” The man was unconscious, but still breathing when they got him to the shore where EMTs soon arrived and took over.

The teen says he was just doing what he thought needed to be done and didn’t really give it much thought. "It was just sort of like an instinct," he explains. "It feels good to help people like that, you know?" And his father says he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s courageous actions. "His instincts took over and he ran to help, which is a great sign, and we’re super proud of him.

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