TikTok Baker Reveals Truth About Wedding Cakes

Flower Cake

Photo: Getty Images

Over the summer, a social media trend that had people making cakes that look like realistic objects went viral. There were tons of videos showing someone cut into what looked like a roll of toilet paper or a plant, but then we see it’s actually cake. And now a baker on TikTok is blowing minds by revealing the exact opposite is true - sometimes things that look like cake aren’t actually cake.

In a video posted this week on the social media site, the baker behind Butterdream Bakery in the U.K. shares the behind-the-scenes secret about her profession. In it, she explains to the camera that a lot of wedding cakes used as displays are fake, while another baker is shown unwrapping and throwing away a piece of styrofoam that was decorated to look like a cake. “A lot of the wedding cakes you see are fake,” she says. “We’ll wheel away a fake cake that’s decorated and everything and then cut up a sheet cake in the back and then serve that to the guests.”

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