Police Save Tiny One Month Old Baby After She Stopped Breathing

Newborn Baby Girl Sleeping in Bowl

Photo: Getty Images

A pair of Kansas City police officers are being hailed as heroes after saving a baby who stopped breathing. Last week, Kansas City police officers Richard DuChaine and Charles Owen responded to a call about a baby who wasn’t breathing. Tajanea Allen’s one-month-old daughter, Kamiyah, was suffering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is currently surging across the country.

Officers DuChaine and Owen showed up at Allen’s house and rushed inside to see if they could help the tiny infant. They performed CPR on her, doing infant chest compressions and back thrusts for more than 30 seconds until the baby miraculously started breathing again. The whole episode was captured on DuChaine’s bodycam and posted by the department on Twitter.

Paramedics arrived moments later and transported Baby Kamiyah to a nearby hospital where she stayed for a week as she recovered from the RSV. The officers visited the infant while she was recovering in the hospital and Kansas City Police posted a pic of DuChaine with her on social media. They also praised the officers’ good work and thanked them for their service.

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