Indonesian Man Gets Married For The 88th Time

Bride and Father Arm in Arm

Photo: Getty Images

A 61-year-old farmer in Indonesia is apparently quite the catch for ladies as he's preparing to get married -- for the 88th time. The man, whose name is Kaan, but better-known as the "Playboy King," has been married 87 times to 46 different women, and his next wedding is also to an ex-wife. His first marriage, he claims, was when he was 14 years old, and it ended in divorce two years later. But apparently that's all it took to get him hooked on marriage because since then, he has married just about every woman he's ever liked.

Kaan explains that he keeps getting married because he has a lot of respect for women and doesn't want them to feel like dating him is just a fling. He adds, "I also didn’t want to play with women’s feelings, let alone other people’s children. Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.” His longest marriage lasted 14 years, and his shortest was just a week.

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